A Girls guide to making the perfect March Madness bracket

If you’re anything like me during the month of March, making a bracket for the tournament isn’t at the top of your to-do list. There are way more important things to be concerned about, especially if you are a college student. Spring Break, midterms, date parties and most importantly Spring Break. Lucky for my fellow Wildcats and I, March Madness is always a time of excitement on our campus. Not to brag, but our basketball team is pretty good. 8 National Championships, but whose counting? I’ll give you a hint, the entire population of Lexington, KY. Anyways, here are my questions for picking the most perfect bracket a girl can dream of.

  1. Are you attending/Did you attend/Do you plan to attend that school?
  2. Which team has the better record?
  3. Does your name and the point guards name have a nice ring to it?
    ( Mrs. ___insert your name____   ____PG’s last name_____ ).
  4. Is the coach a silver fox?
  5. Do you like the teams’ mascot?
  6. What about the team colors? Cute or nah?
  7. Have you ever even heard of the team or school?

I found this perfect picture from Seven Daughters on a girls guide to bracketology. Basically sums up my questions that you should ask yourself when picking teams. So get together with the girls, grab a glass of wine (if you’re of age), and make picking out a bracket fun! Who knows, you just might create the perfect bracket.

Emily B. – The University of Kentucky


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