March Madness

Those last day of winter are approaching. In between there will be plenty of snow, wind and rain. The most wonderful time of the year is fast approaching. It is not the holiday season, it is not valentine’s day, it is March Madness. The time of year where friendships are tested and school spirit is at an all time high. While everyone else will be filling in their brackets and arguing about their alma mater winning, my contest is at home in the kitchen.


I love throwing a good party and what better way to do that than with an all day watch party. If you are hosting friends and foes alike this March Madness here are some go to items to make your party stand out:

  • Colored mimosas for the various teams playing
  • Wings with different colored/name dips for the mascot and school colors
  • Beer Bottles with School Name Tags
  • Hand made plastic cups for the sports fans in attendance
  • And of course a great outfit with a pair of Lillybee shoes!

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