Hosting a March Madness Party in Style

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Hosting a March Madness Party in Style by Lara Sedlock

Basketball Christmas has finally arrived for the fans! I couldn’t be anymore excited to cheer for some of my favorite teams in the tournament. My college team won’t be in the tournament but that doesn’t mean that I, along with my sporty loving sorority sisters, won’t be tuning in. And what would a viewing party at a sorority house be without adorable snacks and drinks? I’ve put together ideas for you to have the cutest March Madness Party and I hope you will enjoy!

For starters, it’s all about the presentation of how you’re presenting your party and with the being said, decorated! Orange and black are neutral basketball colors but if everyone if cheering for the same team then definitely decorate accordingly. With my sorority especially we have so many girls that like many different teams so we could never narrow it down! Now that you’re all set up and decorated, the next most important thing for your party are the snacks! Maybe round things like cheese balls, or sausage cheese balls would be perfect to go with the basketball theme. One thing that will definitely be at my sororities viewing party will be buffalo chicken dip and cupcakes, our two favorite things. The cupcakes will without a doubt be decorated like basketballs. Another thing we have that we are putting to use is a Gatorade cooler for our drinks (We love theme parties!).

If you’re having many parties maybe have a bracket contest or if you aren’t you could always have games during halftime such as a basketball trivia game. Of course, your March Madness party is going to be fabulous and fun no matter what you decide to do. But the most important thing is what you wear! Don’t forget to wear your favorite colors and you’re adorable Lillybee flats to go with it! Not completely sure what ones I’ll be wearing but I am definitely dressing accordingly! And Michael Jordan once said, “It’s not about the shoes. It’s about you do in them.” We might not be playing basketball in our Lillybee flats but that still doesn’t mean we can’t be fabulous and do amazing things! Stay fab my friends! (or should I say fans?!)

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