Playing to Win


It’s official. March Madness has begun, and with it, a round of friendly wagers I make with a variety of friends and family. So far, I’ve committed to four. Here’s how they are broken out by region (in keeping with traditional tournament style):


Players: My southern family and I go with a Last Man Standing approach except teams are randomly drawn

Rules: In fairness to all, Kentucky was eliminated

Winnings: Cash


Players: My immediate family. Roped the 7 and 9 year old in this year

Rules: Each player selects 4 teams. Kids pick first.

Winnings: Winner gets to select Sunday night dinner and movie


Player: My partner – Lisa

Rules: UNC v. Michigan State Last Man Standing

Winnings: Loser has to put giant inflatable mascot of other team in her front yard for 2 weeks


Player: My husband

Rules: Bracket with points

Winnings: Winner gets to plan Date Night Weekend. Loser figures out childcare.

I don’t need a reason to tune in. I genuinely love watching college basketball, especially this time of year. These friendly wagers however give me more reason than to just root for UNC, which generally applies to all underdogs, and especially anyone playing Kentucky or Duke (at least until I hear from Duke’s Licensing Director – see prior blog post).

Bring it!

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