March Madness AU Style


AU Basketball Team

AU Basketball Team

This Month has brought a lot of excitement to sporting events as the annual March Madness has rolled around. Personally, as a general fan of any sport,  I am usually inclined to accept offers to watch games and get involved because I love all of the action that surrounds them. However, I will not be one of those sad souls putting too much money into a bracket and losing bets on teams. I am way too cautious for that and I also wouldn’t be able to tell you the first thing about how those brackets actually work.

I admit that shamelessly, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be trying to keep track of who is winning! Teams I usually lookout for are University of Kentucky, as one of my best friends is from Louisville, and my own school, American University. We actually made it to March Madness last year with our D1 team but didn’t advance very far. Nonetheless, it was very exciting!

I am also a huge of fan of basketball because it is indoors. I mean, I really can’t imagine being outside in this wintery weather with a smile plastered to my face cheering on a team. No way. I like the warmth and comfort of the indoor arenas when it’s this cold.

This year, I don’t think our team did so well since there was no March Madness attractions at AU, unfortunately. Instead, we will watch our rival schools swoop in on all the action, but that does not mean that one can’t sport a trendy jersey and make it work for this week. After all, only a couple more days until April showers (and hopefully, May flowers) commence!

Copy and Photography courtesy of Lillybee Intern, Sydney Bevando


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