Welcome to the Hive – Sydney!

Sydney BevandoThis month, I have officially begun my new internship with Lillybee! As a full-time student in Washington DC, it’s seems fitting to start working somewhere that grasps your attention and challenges you to be a better version of yourself. This city is full of incredible opportunities and I have found what I am most interested in thanks to this company.

My tasks will include many things from social media updates to brand promotions,. It will be great to show-off the many different kinds of shoes and shoe accessories to my school and my own sorority alike. I am most excited to see how I can help this company and the community. I am looking forward to starting this new position and getting to know the brand on a more personal level as well as a professional one.

As a member of a very spirited sorority, Alpha Chi Omega, we take our organization seriously and want to represent our name with pride . Our scarlet red and olive green colors are just one of the many symbols that identify us. The fact that I can rock a pair of striped flats, with the added bonus of a lettered clip-on bow, makes me extremely happy!

I cannot wait to see where this intern experience takes me. I can’t wait to contribute to Lillybee and I know that this experience will give me the chance to grow. I am grateful for this opportunity and very excited to begin this journey!

(Welcome Sydney!)

Copy and Photography courtesy of Lillybee Intern, Sydney Bevando

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