Hot Fashion Trends of the Summer

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Here at Lillybee, we are firm believers in fashion. Whether you strictly follow the latest looks, or adopt bits and

pieces to make your own style, fashion is the base of everyone’s wardrobe. So, to help you get your dose of fashion insight for summer, we have gathered the hot trends from all the top sources: Vogue, Elle, Harpers Bazaar, and more.


High waisted shorts. High waisted shorts have been hot for years now. So hot, in fact, that you can’t throw a virtual stone without seeing an article about them. This summer is no exception. From classic denim to avant garde styles with lace fabric, high waisted shorts are a must this summer.

See Elle’s gallery of must-haves.


Hippie Chic. Both Harpers Bazaar and Vogue agree: Hippie Chic is in. Just like high waisted shorts, hippie chic has been popular for a few years now, and we don’t see it going away anytime soon. The fabrics are flowy and comfortable, while being truly flattering to everyone. From flowery maxi dresses, to eyelet shirts, hippie chic has something for everyone.

See the outfits that Harpers and Vogue think best represent hippie chic.


Pop Art. Another thing Harpers and Vogue agree on is Pop Art. It’s been one of those hard-to-nail down fashion trends that comes and goes quickly, most of the time not reaching beyond the runways. Each time it resurfaces, it gets closer to everyday wear that the general public can relate to instead of outrageous angles and too-bright patterns that only models can pull off. This year, Pop Art got it right. Bright colors stand out as accents against white staples like long skirts and crop-tops. Even a simple bag can pull Pop Art into your wardrobe in a big way.

See what Harpers and Vogue recommend for Pop Art.


Patterns. No matter where you look, patterns are big this summer. From simple polkadots to bright and interesting African-inspired arrays. Don’t be afraid of patterns; you can go all out with an entire patterned outfit like this bright dress featured by PopSugar and these gingham ensembles featured by Glamour, or keep it simple with one patterned piece to be your focal point against a solid-colored outfit.


Khaki. Mentioned in nearly every fashion magazine available, khaki is the fashion trend of this summer. From military-inspired outfits and throwbacks to Out of Africa, to simple shirts and skirts, there are countless ways to include khaki in your wardrobe this summer. One of the biggest benefits of this fashion trend is the comfort of the fabric. It breathes, which means you’ll be cool and stylish as the temperatures rise.


See Allure’s feature on khaki to get all the inspiration you need.

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