Stripes on stripes: Nail art to match your Lillybee footwear!

Matching. It can be the best — and the hardest — thing to do when it comes to your outfit. It’s also one of the things that makes Lillybee so special: we make shoes that match your school or sorority colors exactly. No longer do you have to search and search to find shoes that make your tailgate outfit perfect.

But, we think you should take it a step further and tie in your nails, too. What better way to show off your fashion sense than with a striped manicure to match your striped Lillybee shoes?

Not everyone has the time or money to go to a salon, though. Which is why we have gathered the best YouTube tutorials for striped nails to help you DIY that matching mani!


This tutorial from Howcast shows you how to do a diagonal stripe using painter’s tape and two nail polish colors. It’s explained really well, and even the most novice nail artist can follow it!


This tutorial from xoJahtna is an interesting take on the tape method where you actually fold a piece of scotch tape in half and cut out the stripes to make a stencil to lay over your nails.


This tutorial from Julie Ventura is truly unique, and we’ve never seen one like it. You draw the stripes onto a slick, plastic surface, then paint the polish color over it and allow it to dry. This makes a sort of sticker, like Jamberry nails! From there, you put on a base coat, press the premade polish sticker onto your nails, trim, and seal with a topcoat. It’s really neat!


This a super basic tutorial from Nailstorming, showing a black and white striped manicure. The artist uses nail vinyls (pre-cut strips of plastic) to create this design. This tutorial is a little less DIY than the others, since you don’t have to do any cutting or crafting, just painting.


We’d love to see some of your striped nails matched up with your Lillybee shoes! Tag us in your photos @lillybeeuniversity on Instagram and @lillybeeu on Twitter. Be sure to use #showyourstripes!

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