Keeping Your Flats Fresh


Flats are a staple in every girl’s wardrobe; they go great with everything and are comfortable enough to wear all day. But, sometimes this all-day wear, plus the sockless nature of flats, can lead to a … smell issue.

But, fear not! We have compiled a list of ways to keep your flats as fresh as your style during the heat of the summer.


Don’t wear the same pair every day. We all have our favorite pairs of shoes, and it can be tempting to wear them every day, be it because they’re so comfortable, or because they go with everything. But, the key to keeping your shoes from building up an odor is to give them a rest. During the days you aren’t wearing your flats, be sure to keep them out in an open area (not a drawer or closet) so that they can air out.


Wear no-show socks or shoes liners. In the past few years, a wonderful development came into our world: no-show socks/shoe liners. Thin, and designed small enough to fit your foot without showing around a flat, these are the greatest thing to happen to a trendy girl since the Little Black Dress.


Use odor reducing liners. There are tons of different brands that promise pretty much the same thing: to absorb odor in your shoes and to keep your feet dry. Keep in mind, like any product that promises to work magic and relieve all your issues, results may vary. We recommend trying a few different brands to find the one that you feel works the best. You can trim them down to fit perfectly into your flats, which is always great.


Use odor reducing powders to keep your feet dry. Right along with odor absorbing liners, you have odor absorbing powders. You can get the powders designed specifically to reduce foot odor (and pay a little more), or you can go the holistic route. Baby powder and baking soda are both highly recommended to help keep your feet fresh. Baby powder simply absorbs moisture to keep the problem at bay, while baking soda does the same thing, with the added bonus of odor absorption. Think about it: if it can keep the odors in your fridge down, why not your flats? Sprinkle the powders on your feet, and in the shoes for maximum effect.


Use deodorant on your feet. We know; it sounds ridiculous. But, deodorant is meant to keep the smell down on your body, no matter where the smell might be coming from. If it can keep your underarms fresh all day, it can work on your feet. A solid (Not gel!) stick, or spray deodorant, is best. And, if you’re going to use this method, but sure to have a stick just for your feet, that you don’t use anywhere else.


Put dryer sheets in your flats. Dryer sheets serve multiple purposes for our laundry: They freshen, absorb moisture, and keep static down. They can do much the same for our flats! Putting a new dryer sheet in the bottom of the inside your flats before you put them on will help absorb moisture and keep a nice fresh scent all day. If it is uncomfortable for you have it on the bottom, cut the sheet length-wide and put the pieces along the sides of your flats. The added benefit is that you can pick a scent that you really like, and personalized your hygiene!


Wipe the insides of your flats with an antibacterial wipe. After you take your flats off at night, give the inside a good wipe down with an antibacterial wipe. Foot odor is caused by bacteria, and the wipe will kill it, preventing it from building up odor that will come back to haunt you the next time you wear them. Be careful not to use a wipe with bleach — that will bleach your flats!


Use essential oils on your feet. Essential oils are great for a lot of things — stress reduction, cleaning, and pest control to just name a few. You can also use essential oils to control the odor from your feet. Choose an oil that you like the scent of (we recommend mint and peppermint, as they both smell fresh and help reduce stress!), and rub a few drops into the soles of your feet and let dry before your put your flats on!


Put unused tea bags in your flats. Thanks to the absorbent cloth bags, and the nature of tea itself, tea bags are like tiny sponges that soak up moisture — making them perfect for drying out your flats after a long day of wear. When you take your flats off at the end the day, put a few unused tea bags inside them and let them sit out (not in a closet or drawer where they air out!). The tea bags will absorb the moisture and get rid of the smell!


Put them in the freezer overnight and let them thaw out in the sunlight. This tip popped up over and over again. The theory behind it is that the freezing temperature kill the bacteria that cause foot odor, and the sunlight works to freshen. We’ve not tried this ourselves, but it couldn’t hurt! Put each shoes in an individual freezer bag before you put it in the freezer, and take them out of the bags before you put them in the sun.


Of course, we realize there’s one obvious method that you probably think we’re missing: putting your flats in the washing machine. But we didn’t miss this. We really don’t recommend that you put your flats in the washing machine. Most flats are made of cotton, leather, linen, or some other material that a washing machine will absolutely ruin. Not to mention the damage a dryer would do! Lillybee flats are not machine washable, and unless you see a label in your flat that clearly says it can go in the machine, we recommend you keep them far away!

Have you tried any of these tips? If so, let us know how they worked for you in the comments!

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