Little Acts That Show Dad How Much You Care

Father’s Day is Sunday, and if your dad is anything like our dads, he already has everything he needs. And unless your dad is an avid tie collector, we promise he doesn’t need (or want!) another. You want to show dad how much you care, but there are a limited number of gifts in the world, and even more limited when you take your dad’s interest into consideration. So, what are you to do?

Doing something is exactly the answer! Instead of buying your dad a gift, do something for him that will make his Father’s Day special. Luckily for you, we have some suggestions.


Do an activity with him you know he loves. Dads love spending time with their kids, so combine that with something else he loves doing, and you’ve got a winner! Whether it’s fishing, camping, hiking, golfing, or going to a baseball game, surprising your dad with some quality time with his favorite hobby is sure to put a smile on his face.


Give him a day off. Kind of the opposite of the previous tip, this is letting him have a day of doing nothing. Nothing to cook or clean, nowhere to be, no deadlines or appointments. A complete day of relaxation where he makes the choices, and the choices make him happy. Whatever chooses to do (or not do), do it with him!


Cook him a meal. An oldy but a goodie, making your dad a meal on Father’s Day is a classic move to show him your appreciation. Now, this hinges on you being able to cook (hey, no shame!). If you can’t cook, go grab him a meal from his favorite restaurant and bring it to him. A little at-home catering is just as good as a home-cooked meal!


Break a sweat. Is there a project around the house that dad just hasn’t gotten around to yet? Well, roll up your sleeves and get to it! Dad will appreciate it, and you might get the added bonus of making Mom happy, too! If there are no big projects looming, do his chores for him. Trimming trees, mowing the grass, or washing the cars would make his life easier, and he’d surely appreciate it.


Tell him how you feel. Dads are just as human as the rest of us — whether they show it or not. They need to hear that they are loved and cared about, and Father’s Day is the perfect day to do that. Whether you find a card that speaks your heart, write out your own letter, or just say it out loud to him, take this day to tell your dad why you love him, and what makes him so great. Believe us, he will love it.

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