Your Guide to The Perfect Brew! Coffee Shop Hacks

Call us crazy, but we don’t think summer would be complete without a daily iced coffee. Whether you sip on your caramel iced coffee at the beach or grab an iced latte before work, ice, caffeine, and the summer heat seem to be the perfect combination. Whatever the temperature or time of year, we have some tips and tricks to help you make the best coffee shop buys.

Many coffee drinks are packed with hidden sugar and calories. Don’t deprive yourself of the occasional splurge, especially in the summer. But, be mindful there are tasty sippables that are lower calorie, as well. Not only can the coffee shop take a toll on your waist line, it often does a number on your wallet. We’re here to help you get more bang for your buck as you sip on your low(er)-calorie sweetness.


At-home Barista

First and foremost, know when to make your coffee at home. Spending two dollars for a cup of coffee may not seem like a lot of money, but that daily purchase can add up to more than you would expect. Let’s put this in terms we might be more familiar with; a Michael Kors tote costs about $300. A $2 cup for coffee, five days a week, for 52 weeks adds up to $520 – almost the cost of TWO designer bags. Treat yourself to a coffee shop special once a week and utilize your at-home machine as often as you can.


DIY Latte

Lattes can be some of the priciest drinks on a coffee house menu. Skirt the system, and create your own latte for a lower cost. Instead of ordering an iced latte, ask for two shots of espresso over ice. Now, take your espresso and run – to the milk station that is. Adding your own milk to iced espresso creates the same delicious coffee flavor of a latte, for a fraction of the cost. In the mood for a flavored latte? So are we! Simply ask the barista to add a few pumps of your favorite flavor to the iced espresso, before you add the milk. Although the syrup comes with an additional cost, this method beats the price of ordering an iced latte.


Reuse and Save

Many coffee shops sell reusable mugs and travel cups. Although the mugs come at an initial cost, often more than one might spend on an average cup of coffee, many places offer discounts on future purchases when you use your mug. These mugs are a great for someone who frequents the same shop on a daily or weekly basis. Bring your mug on each trip to the coffee house and enjoy every last sip of your discounted beverage. These travel mugs help reduce waste, which is beneficial to the environment; help reduce your cost, which is beneficial to your wallet; and often come with cute designs. Invest in a reusable coffee mug and sip inexpensively and in style!


Choose Iced Coffee

Become a low calorie lush and enjoy the flavorful sweetness of a brewed iced coffee. For someone who is looking to watch their calories, the coffee shop can be a sneaky diet killer. Iced lattes are more than fifty percent milk, making the drink higher in calories. Flavored syrups add a delicious sweetness to your drinks, but at a caloric cost. Ask your barista about the brewed flavor options. Brewed flavors run you about five calories, but payoff in added sweetness.


Swap for Cinnamon

Cinnamon isn’t solely for cappuccinos anymore. Swap your normal sugar with cinnamon and enjoy the spicy sweet flavor it adds to your coffee drink. Many coffee shops have cinnamon to top their lattes and cappuccinos. If you don’t see it near the sugar, simply ask for it! The barista will be more than willing to help and your waist line and taste buds will love that you did!





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