Undeclared. How to Choose the Right Major For You.


So you’ve been asked countless times what you’re majoring in and every time you just want to scream due to the sheer amount of times that question has been asked. For me personally it brought back the dreaded flashbacks of “So what are your plans after high school? Where have you applied to college? What’s your number 1 pick?” Weren’t those questions supposed to be over with by now? Yeah, I thought so too. Instead of just picking a major to avoid the questions and get on with college I have some advice that just might help you pick a major that you can be happy with.

There are a few ways you can approach your undecided major: the easy way or the smart way. The easy way entails you taking classes that you will do well in, boosting your GPA. The smart way, on the other hand, means taking classes in a wide variety of subjects so you can see what interests you. You might not get a perfect GPA, but you’ll find out a lot about what you like and what you don’t like.

After talking to your friends, the best way to pick which classes to take is to look at what your university requirements are. When do you have to declare? Which majors do you have to apply to? Start figuring out which majors you know you aren’t interested in. That way you’ll only get exposed to majors that you can actually pursue. If you’re worried about declaring your major or graduating on time, try taking classes over the summer at your school or a local community college. That way you can try out whatever you want without worrying about that graduation date.

The most important thing – don’t stress. Don’t let the fact that you’re undeclared have a negative impact on your current classes and just know that if you follow some of this advice you’ll eventually find something you’re bound to enjoy.






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