Bee in the Know-#PumpkinPride DIY with our Co-founder Lisa

While Kassie takes the cake (or should I say king size snickers bar) on Halloween participation & obsession, I don’t generally ever pass up the opportunity when crafting or DIY is presented. I am the person who’s “craft” drawer has one too many glue sticks and I frequent Michaels & Hobby Lobby more than I do the grocery store. We can craft ourselves cardboard vegetables with felt stems if we really needed to survive, right?

For me, maintaining a healthy mental state depends on getting something crafty out of my system. I got giddy with excitement when the idea came across my desk to have our fans and the lillybee community carve & create mascot pumpkins to show their school pride & Halloween spirit. I had to jump in on the fun!



1. Pick your Pumpkins (while wearing stripes of course!).



2. Gather your supplies.

  • Paint
  • Brushes
  • Craft Glue
  • Printable Stencils
  • Scissors & Exacto Knife
  • Stencils
  • Tape
  • Glitter (I went with my team color)
  • Carving tools if you choose to carve vs. craft.



3. Concept your idea. If it’s a more difficult mascot you can google to find your teams Mascot stencils. The Michigan State Alumni Association was awesome enough to put their stencils on their facebook page for anyone to download free of charge. Choose your stencils and print. You may want to shrink down the scale at print if you have a small or mid-sized pumpkin. Cut out the stencil leaving only the empty center.



4. Using scotch tape, apply your stencil to the front of your pumpkin.  If you are carving, you will be carving out your stencil vs. crafting inside and will need to clean out your pumpkin prior to this step.



5. Let the real fun begin. Spray, paint using brush, glue/pour on the glitter. Gently peel away the stencils to find your Mascot or school letter underneath.




6. Find the perfect spot to showcase your #pumpkinpride!

We cant wait to see what you carve & create!

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