The 2 Main F’s of Tailgating

While there are many aspects of tailgating, it seems like the most fun part of it are the 2 “F’s”: Food and Fashion. This seems like the ground base of many tailgates. If you can fit in with knowing the food and fashion of a tailgate, you have got this down. I have my key ideas of each but we all know, each University is different, which makes this fun! It’s also very personalized on you and what you are doing. So let’s kick off into Fashion.

Fashion is a major part of tailgating, at least for me it is. Being able to mix your school colors in a fun, fashionable way it the key for me. This can be in a cute little dress with a scarf, jeans and a t-shirt any way you feel comfortable!

My key-tailgating tip is to top of your outfit with a pair of Lillybee shoes. They’re cute, they’re comfortable, and they can add a little bit of flare to a rather plain outfit. Flats for summer, boots for winter. It adds school spirit to any outfit!

Just make sure to check the weather! If you were having a tailgate at home, you’d be fairly ok! But if it’s 70 degree’s outside right now, check at the end of game time… It could get down into the 50’s, which does not sound as nice as 70’s! Whatever your game day attire includes, make sure to add your own personal pop of school spirit in any way you want. Sounds like a touchdown to me!

Food is the quickest way into most people’s hearts, and tailgating food can range from anything like dessert, to chips and dips, to chicken wings. Something always to remember is to check with the host of the tailgating you are going to. They may tell you to bring a certain dish. If you are hosting your own tailgate, I highly suggest recommending things people can bring. This will hopefully help eliminate everyone bringing chips.

If you are not much of a chef, people will appreciate anything! Personally, I love to bake, so I take any chance to bake! My key-tailgating tip is to add a little bit of color and spark of school spirit to any snacks you bring. This may mean adding your school color’s sprinkles, or shaping your food like the ball of the sport you are going to. I’ve seen dips shaped like footballs, or donut holes made into baseballs. Everyone will love the effort you went through for this.

Tailgating can be made into anything and everything you want. It could be small and quaint, or it could include the entire campus. It is completely up to you. Just always make sure to add a pop of color, and a sprinkle of school spirit in everything you do. If you remember the 2 F’s of tailgating, I think your tailgate will be a win for any game.

– Erin McDonald, Boise State

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