Top Tips for Giving Sisterly Cheer this Holiday

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Here’s a great gift giving guide that can help you choose the best gifts for your sisters! Hope this list helps the dreadful decision process and makes it easier on you 🙂

1) Be thoughtful: If you are seeing your family line in person, it’s best to have a gift for each of them. Always error on the side of generosity, especially face to face. It would be hurtful to hand your big a present and have nothing for your gbig or twin sitting next to you.

2) Give at the appropriate level: Keep your gifts at a reasonable price point. If you lavish a cashmere sweater to your closest sister and she gives you a painted pencil cup, it will make for a very awkward moment. “Over-gifting” can make recipients feel bad instead of good. Determine what’s the norm in your chapter and stick within that range. It’s ok to splurge a little, but keep it down to earth.

3) Buy in bulk: If you have a large family line to buy for, it’s ok to find one or two things to give all of them. For example, buying peppermint candles for each sister at a discount. Or putting their favorite candy bars in holiday gift bags. Then add a unique gift for each sister to compliment the ‘group goodies.’

4) Gift cards are great: Gift cards used to be a cop-out, but now they are much more popular and acceptable. Every store sells them (even on their websites), so you can really specialize to please each sister on your list. Pick cards for products/services that mean something ~ not just a generic Starbucks card. Take the time to target your cards directly to each sister and your gifts will be a hit.

5) Be cautious of crafting costs: Sometimes it seems cheaper to make a gift instead of buying one. But take into account purchasing all the expensive crafting supplies. Frequently this adds up to more than buying a present. If you can spread the supplies over several gifts, it will help. For example, painting a canvas or plaque for each sister on your list. Or painting glass ornaments with the same colors and glitter, but a different design for each girl. There is a way to customize and still use similar supplies.

6) Personalize your presents: Whether you are making or buying gifts, adding a personal monogram or name takes an inexpensive item to the next level. That little extra touch turns a simple gift into a keepsake. Make sure you allow time for personalization if you are buying gifts.

7) Go greek: Focusing on your chapter flowers, symbols, mascot, greek letters and jewels makes your sister gift extra special. You don’t have to overdose on greek pride, but sharing your sorority sugar in a subtle way makes for the ideal Christmas gift! Hunt for charming gifts that reflect your sorority in a creative way, without shouting “big/little reveal.” Our Lillybee Sorority selection is a great place to start 😉


8) Do something together instead of gifts: Ask your sisters if they would rather share an event, instead of giving gifts. For example, seeing a new movie together and splurging on dessert afterwards. Or enjoying a dressy christmas tea at a fancy hotel. Or how about a facial party at a nearby spa? If a trip off campus would be fun for all of you, arrange to share an experience instead of a gift exchange.

9) Sister secret santa: If everyone’s on a budget, host your own secret santa, with each sister in your family drawing a name and giving just one sister a gift (or series of small gifts). Often times chapters organize secret santa exchanges, but they can work for family lines as well.

10) Make it funny: The best way to get around the cost of Christmas gifts is to make them humorous! Funny gifts are more about creativity than cash. Some funny gift exchange ideas include ~
Tell your sisters no one can spend more than $5 on a gift. They must shop at a Dollar Store or a thrift shop to find a present.

11) Host a tacky sweater exchange between sisters. Everyone brings an average sized sweater to gift. These can be enjoyed later at the chapter ugly christmas sweater party.

12) Organize a no-buy gift exchange where each girl must give an item she already owns, or re-gifts a present she recently received.

13)Theme your sister gifts. Agree as a family that everyone will give the gift of music, or bath products, perfume, books, movies, sorority mascot, etc… By focusing on your sister’s favorite ___, it makes the gift giving easier. And it’s fun to see different interpretations of the theme.

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