Spring is coming..

This winter’s been tough for the northeast and other parts of the country. Mother Nature’s been downright cruel – testing our patience for months now. Some of us have seen more than five feet of snow dumped on us, disrupting routines and making travel challenging. It’s understandable to feel frustrated, discouraged, and even down. This winter is definitely a test of endurance.


One of my friends said, “OK, Mother Nature, you win.” That allowed her to let go of her frustrations and maintain a peaceful state of mind. Similarly, your accepting that a situation is beyond your control, and being at peace with that, can give you a whole new perspective. What was once a stressful situation might not seem so bad any more.

The good news is that spring is just around the corner, which means longer, warmer days and more sunshine! Keep focused on the warmer weather that soon to come, and congratulate yourself on all that you’ve endured already. Not too long from now, the snow will melt, parking spots will appear, and the grass and flowers will start to peek through for the rest of the year. Soon we’ll be able to leave our coats and long johns at home, and the days will be lighter later. Try to remember that having a little patience goes a long way.


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