And it has begun!!!

March Madness has begun again.
If you are anything like me, I love sports, but I also love any reason to throw a party. I throw tailgate parties, Super Bowl parties, so why not throw a March Madness party? I think many people don’t realize how easy it is throw a March Madness party. It’s easy, it’s fun, and it’s another reason to have a party! Today, I am going to show you 3 easy tips to having a great March Madness party.


I love the idea of having a giant bracket hanging in your house. If you want, you can print this one, or you can make one by writing it on a big piece of poster board or paper. You could make a game out of this also. I know many people have their battles, so make your own battle. You can fill this out together, or separately, and at the end of March Madness, you name a winner. Just make sure to keep track of who won and lost each game!

Make this a potluck! Have everyone bring something over, but also you can make a very easy basketball brownie treat! No need for a fancy cookie cutter. No need for anything to fancy. Make a pan of brownies, and use a circle cookie cutter. If you don’t have a cookie cutter, no worries! You can use a glass just as easily! Or even just use a cup as a guide, and cut out circles with a knife. Then grab some frosting and draw two slightly curved lines to the side, and one down the middle. Tada! You have a basketball! Easy, huh? You can do this with anything that can be made into a circle. Cookies, tarts, Oreo’s, anything! Anything is possible, as long as you have frosting.



Finally, is to have the perfect outfit. We all know how important it is to represent our favorite team, but it’s not always the most feminine to wear a boring t-shirt. While my team didn’t make it into March Madness, I love this look for any game. Mixing your traditional t-shirt that we all know we have. It doesn’t have to be flattering; it just has your school logo on it. Mix that shirt with a cute scarf in your teams colors, and of course add some cute, comfortable, and fashionable Lillybee shoes, and you’ve got a perfect outfit! It’s all about mixing and matching comfortable and casual, but cute at the same time.


There is a whole world of possibilities for a March Madness party. You can do it for the first game round of games, the sweet 16, or the final 4; there are so many possibilities! We would love to hear what you do to throw a March Madness party.

Written by Erin Mcdonald

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