Support your country at the Rio Olympics!




On your mark, get set, go! RIO 2016 is almost here!


With 42 different sports, 306 events, 37 different venues, and 206 countries, the Rio Olympics are sure to be spectacular!  In just 81 days athletes from all across the globe will gather in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to represent their countries. All of their hard work, training, dedication, and individual talent will be showcased for the entire world to see.


I remember growing up watching the Olympics in my living room with my older sister. Our eyes glued to the TV as we watched Nancy Kerrigan, Dominique Dawes, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Michael Johnson, and Picabo Street just to name a few. We would take turns pretending our living room carpet was the floor mat for gymnastics and perform our floor routine making sure our heels were perfectly tucked into a ‘v’ in each corner. We would pretend our living room floor was an ice rink and perform our triple axels and our flying spins. We loved watching the Olympics and still feel the same today. I just hope that I can instill the importance of watching the Olympics to my children and how we should show our support to each and every single athlete who has worked so hard to get there.


The greatest athletes in the world will gather for the entire world to see later this summer. How will you support your athletes and your country? We have compiled a short list below of different ways you can support your favorite athletes and countries. We would love to hear how you plan to show support during the 2016 Summer Olympics. Please leave us a comment below and GO USA!


Ways to show support:


Wear your country’s colors

Teach your child or family member an Olympic sport

Watch the Olympics on TV with your family

Tweet an athlete on the day of their event

Snag some gear from the Olympic store

Follow your favorite athletes on social media and tag them in your posts

Visit a restaurant or shop that supports the Olympics or hosts an Olympic viewing party

Fly your country’s flag or make a decal for your car

Host a viewing party with your friends and family

Make a yard stake for your country

Sing your country’s national anthem before watching the games
By Megan Dickens

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