Summer Time Bucket List

The waves crashing ashore, flip flops, a ripe juicy watermelon, fireworks, beach volleyball, the lake, camping, all good things that make for the perfect summer. This year it’s time to add something else to our list to make the summer even more perfect. Creating a summer bucket list is something we have been seeing a lot lately and figured we would give it a try. Each person in our family sat down to write their very own bucket list (minus the one year old who will just partake in everyone’s bucket list). Just be careful when you ask your kids to write their own. If they are anything like my sister’s kids you might get responses like the below.


1) Hunt Lions

2) Play with Coyotes

3) Stand in the middle of a Bison Hurd

4) Hunt Crocodiles in Africa

5) Run with wild Deer in a green Forest

6) Out run a Hippo

7) Swim at the local pool


Number seven she can definitely handle. The rest she might just have to get a little creative. We wish her the best of luck! What do you have on your bucket list this summer? We have a few ideas below but would love to hear yours!


1) Make homemade Lemonade

2) Visit a new beach within driving distance

3) Invite friends over for a big cookout

4) Visit several local ice cream spots

5) Run through a sprinkler like a little kid

6) Fly a kite in a huge open field

7) Make homemade ice cream

8) Do something adventurous, like zip-lining

9) Visit a drive-in theater

10) Have a water balloon fight with your family


Cheers to the best summer ever!


-Megan Dickens

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