5 Steps In Your College Journey

Life is a fast moving journey filled with memories that will last forever. In that journey, if you have the chance, you will attend college and it will be a big chapter of your life. College is a quick four years and before you look up you will be graduating and stepping into the job force. But before you do leave, you should take time for yourself and explore all the things school has to offer you. Here are a few activities that students should do during their stay that will take them all around campus and the world…


1.Join a club on campus. Work with others to accomplish something bigger than you. Whether it is a sorority, fraternity or the drama club, be involved and make lifelong friends who can shape you as a person.


2.Play a sport or join your university’s rec center. Being physically active can help you in and out of the classroom. From getting exercise to emotionally feeling better after a long run, sports will make you appreciate how teamwork can make you a more successful person.

Show Me Games 3 on 3 Soccer

Show Me Games 3 on 3 Soccer

3.Study Abroad. Never in your life will you have more time to travel and study than while you’re in college.


4.Work hard for a useful internship. An internship will look great on a resume and for some, can lead them to a future job right after college.


5. Go to sports games! Dressing in your school colors and painting your face will never be as fun as when you are with your friends in college. School spirit is something you can never have too much of.



By: Brian Maurer

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