Tailgate Touchdown!

If you’ve ever hosted a tailgate before a big game you know that hosting the ultimate tailgate can be a challenge but it can also be loads of fun! I for one love all of the pre-planning that goes into hosting the ultimate tailgate party. From picking out the perfect recipes to sending awesome party invites and of course we can’t forget snatching all of the super fun and cool looking supplies that take our tailgate to the next level. Before planning the ultimate tailgate party you must ask yourself a few questions. I have listed these questions below and my response as to why these questions are so important. These tips will help you plan your ultimate tailgate and will hopefully have all of your guests saying that it was a Tailgate TOUCHDOWN!



1) What will your location be? Location is key to planning your tailgate party. It’s always nice to have a central spot that is convenient to both the stadium as well as restrooms and the rest of campus in general. This might take some extra planning and maybe a little hop in the car and a little drive around campus to scope out the perfect spot. You also will need to check with your school to see what the rules are regarding tailgate setups and where you are allowed to mark your spot.

2) What does the weather forecast say?
This can make or break your tailgate. If you are tailgating in the summer you might opt for light cocktails and if the weather is a bit chilly like it is now you might opt for heavier food like chili along with warm cocktails and drinks such as cider and hot chocolate. It also depicts how your setup will be. Will you need a tent or some type of covering from the rain or will your tailgate be nice and sunny where there is no tent needed. Weather always plays a huge role so be sure to keep your eye on the forecast ahead of time so that changes can be made if need be.

3) Decide what type of tailgate you want to host. Will it be fancy with catered food? How about rustic chic with blankets, baskets, and cake stands for the hotdog and hamburger buns. There is always the bigger and better version which includes TVs featuring other games that are being played that day or the foodie tailgate where there is so much food that everyone is rolling into the game! My ultimate tailgate includes a mixture of all of the above.

4) Once you have your location nailed down, the forecast nailed down and the type of tailgate you want to throw, it’s time to plan your menu, send out your party invites and gather your supplies. This is the fun part for me! If you are ever stuck or need help planning the ultimate tailgate party be sure to check out our Pinterest page! We have loads of ideas for you that include everything from yummy gameday cocktails to our tailgate chic board that include some unique tailgate setups. https://www.pinterest.com/lillybeeU

5) Most importantly have fun with it! Your tailgate should be a representation of you and your team so make sure that shows in all you do!

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