Alabama vs Clemson Round 2!

The teams may be a reiteration of the 2016 College Football Championship, but no one knows who will take home the 2017 victory.

For the second straight year, the Clemson Tigers will face off against the Alabama Crimson Tide. For many of us, we will be watching from home with our friends and family, while a lucky few will be tailgating and screaming for their team at Raymond James Stadium.

Did you know that double numbers on a player’s uniform supposedly brings good luck? Or that it’s bad luck for a football player to take a new number if he is traded to another team? All sports have superstitions for the team’s luck and they vary depending on baseball, basketball, or in this case, college football.

As for us fans, admit it, we all have our own loopy superstitions. Our owner Kassie’s mom, for instance, feels the need to break out the iron and ironing board and get to work de-wrinkling shirts (which Kassie confesses to taking advantage of) should her beloved Tarheels be losing an important game.

Another common fan superstition is to find good luck in our closets, I’m referring to that lucky (perhaps newly ironed) shirt, or in my boyfriend’s case, his lucky watch. If you don’t have a lucky winning game day look, we have some suggestions for you Tigers and Alabama fans. 

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